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Licensed Roofing Contractor

Services Offered:

  • Install Gutters
  • Install Skylights
Looking for a Reliable San Jose Roofer

Our home’s roof is what protects us from all the elements. Your entire home and possessions are at risk with a roof that is in bad shape. Water leaks can do some serious damage to the entire structure of the building. If you ignore the problem, it will only end up costing you more later on. Calling a good San Jose Roofer before damage is too extensive will be a time and money saver.

It can be costly to replace a roof no matter what materials you use. Replacing it goes far beyond the actual roofing materials. Labor costs will probably be your greatest expense when hiring the San Jose Roofer. Roofing is a skilled trade that calls for knowledge in several areas including carpentry, house framing and math. It’s not hard to find a Roofer. You might meet with a few obstacles however, as you seek a competent San Jose Roofer.

Requesting a Bid from the San Jose Roofer

Having a few companies lined up, you can now ask for bids. The more bids you get the better is not true. Three or four should meet your needs and won’t be time prohibitive. Too much competition on the table may cause a Roofer to back out. Taking too much time may cause delays and the Roofer has a living to make. Time is money as they say and you’ll regret losing the best Roofer for your work. Therefore, pick a few and select from those to begin the bidding process.

Be sure that when you get a bid it’s not a summary with a total price on it. An itemized list including cost plus labor is in order. Supply each San Jose Roofer with a list spelling out exactly what you want to see in their bid. This will ease comparing their quotes as they will be based on the same work. If one bid stands out because of a great difference, you’ll quickly see where that difference is.

Don’t let the lowest bid tempt you but in the same token don’t think that high one is necessarily better. Reasonable cost for good quality work is what everyone wants. Always question a bid that is unusually low. Low bids may come from legitimate reasons such as fewer employees, low overhead or lower cost for materials and the Roofer may be willing to share that lower cost with the customer but you need to check into this to be sure all is legitimate.

Request a contract be drawn up once you have chosen the San Jose Roofer you’d like for the job.


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